Feel confident and excited in your business instead of stressed and lost

In just 6 weeks you will discover your inner power and gain resilience in your business so you can take charge of your future.
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It’s your time to find out how amazing you can be

Imagine feeling excited to get into your work day because you know that only good things are coming. You might be working with clients you love, signing up new ones, or creating something incredible to serve your community. 

You totally own your day and nothing that comes your way is going to change that. There’s a calm feeling in your body, knowing that you can handle it.

You see, the solid internal foundations you’ve built make you simply unstoppable. You’re growing a meaningful business doing what you love, and nobody and no-thing can get in your way.

Learn to overcome the struggles of being an entrepreneur

Whether you’re starting out or you’ve been in business for some time, you may not be getting the results you want. You’re skilled and passionate about what you do, but there’s too many days when it feels unproductive and stressful. 

Some days you wonder why you’re doing it at all. You might not know what to do next or you don’t feel ready to take that next step. You end up procrastinating and making excuses instead of serving clients and making money.

You search Facebook groups and self-help books for snippets of answers to your immediate struggles, trying out random suggestions from people who don’t know you or your business. Then in frustration you cry on the shoulder of your partner or best friend who offers well-meaning advice, but knows nothing about being an entrepreneur.

All this can come from overwhelm, a lack of clarity or confidence, or simply too much to do. Don’t worry, many entrepreneurs (both new and experienced) feel the same way on their entrepreneurial path. Thankfully there is an answer.

Learn to nurture your inner entrepreneur and you can re-energise yourself and your business in one go.

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Gain the tools and the mindset to take your business forward with confidence

If somebody said building a business is easy, they were lying. It takes a clear vision, unwavering commitment and a strong mindset for success. Did you know you have all this inside of you already? It's true, it simply needs help to be revealed and nurtured. 

You can give yourself the priceless gift of feeling empowered every day by building a solid internal foundation of clarity and resilience. Then you’ll know exactly what needs to be done and have the confidence to make it happen, truly becoming the boss of your own life.

Anybody with a desire to grow can do this

No successful entrepreneur started out naturally gifted with the right skills and mindset. Every single one had to learn and grow into who they needed to become to have that kind of success. In fact, they were no different to you. 

When you grow internally you will see the results externally. Take Jackie for example. She set a goal of 40 client appointments per month which felt way out of reach. Within a couple of months, she was consistently hitting and exceeding her targets, and then went on to set bigger goals.

"I now realise that the most important aspect of my business is my mindset, as well as various strategies for success, and I have control over these things. With all Melissa’s tools I know that I can keep my mindset where it needs to be, and when I stumble, I have tools and strategies in place to pick myself up and get back on track. I also now have great routines in place to keep me focused on my goals, and strategies to achieve them. Best of all, I have had 2 of the best months in my business for some time." 

Jackie Lowater Business owner at JL Naturopath and Reflexologist, Perth, Australia

6 weeks to take charge of yourself and your business

With the Nurturing the Inner Entrepreneur program, in less than six weeks you’ll find clarity and define your path forward, and back it with the confidence and self-belief to take action on your goals. You’ll transform doubt into courage, fear into excitement, and desperation into inspiration.

You will learn exactly how to step up as your best self in your business with:

  • Online trainings that will guide you step by step
  • 6 live calls and Q+A with Melissa & team
  • Private Facebook community support
  • Bonus money and focus downloads
  • Lifetime course access


You’ll build a strong foundation from inside to out, that will last you a lifetime.



Week 1 Vision to Success

  • Design your compelling future and re-program your subconscious mind for success
  • Discover your deepest driving force and learn to stay laser focused on your goals


Week 2 Mindset Matters

  • Tap into your resourcefulness and self-belief, finding courage and confidence you may not even know you have
  • Take charge of your Self so you can become your best, leaving doubt, procrastination and overwhelm behind


Week 3 Mind Your Business

  • Match your business plan and your mindset for sustainable growth
  • Define your marketing in a way that works and feels good, and become a leader in your business 


Week 4 Standing out in a Busy World

  • Learn stress-less self-promotion so you can truly show up and add value to the marketplace
  • Step into your courage and confidence and proactively build your brand


Week 5 Money Mindset and Clients

  • Improve your own money mindset to attract more clients and wealth 
  • Work with other people’s money mindset, to help your clients and close the deal


Week 6 The Business of Manifestation

  • Learn life and business success habits that change everything
  • Adopt a holistic approach to your business and tools to fast-track your results


"I was part of Melissa's 6-week "Master the inner Entrepreneur" course. Wow, just wow! MIE is not about another strategy or tool, it’s about the most important part of your business which is you. So much yes to this! It was a shift and a change, tug and pull and suddenly pop, it clicked. 

I can highly recommend this program. It was packed with tips and information but what I really loved was the way Melissa delivered it. She brings great examples and isn't shy to share her own unique stories. I walked away with a new attitude but also tools that I can implement anywhere at any time. Thank you so much Melissa."

Nicole Kenyon

Enjopreneur, Cairns, Australia

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm not sure I have enough time to complete the program in 6 weeks.

    No problem, the work is self-paced and you can take as little or as long as you need. You have lifetime access to the program.

  • I'd love to join the program but I don't have the funds available today.

    We understand that spare cash is not always laying around. That's why we've set up a payment plan option for you.

  • What happens if I can't make the weekly live calls?

    Don't worry, you won't miss a thing because all calls are recorded. If you have questions that need answering, send them in ahead of time to make sure they get covered.

  • What happens if I join and then decide it's not the right fit for me?

    If after 7 days in the program, you've done the work and participated in the group coaching and you feel it's really not right for you, you will receive a full refund.

"I have done the six weeks course with Melissa, she is  an amazing woman, she knows how to listen and how to help you set the right mindset for success and growth."

Sandrine Granet

High Vibrations Reiki, Perth, Australia

"... now I am definitely in alignment with my business - walking my talk, practicing what I preach, defining and refining my daily, weekly, monthly routines and above all else much more self aware and celebrating each and every win, big or small.  

I have been in business for 10yrs now, letting other people's opinions define, guide, judge where I need to be.  This course has definitely balanced out what I was missing and need to fine tune.

So whether you're a new business owner/entrepreneur OR seasoned in business but definitely need to move to the next level, this course is great.

Thank you Melissa, very much appreciated."

Julie McClelland

Julie's Home Services, Cairns, Australia


Transform yourself forever and grow your business from a place of inspiration instead of desperation.

Don't feel stressed or lost in your business for another second. Enrol now for the live round and nurture your inner entrepreneur for success.

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Waiting in the shadows, trying to go it alone hasn’t gotten you very far. You’ve probably waste a lot of time each day feeling overwhelmed and procrastinating.  Perhaps you’ve even wasted money on strategies that don’t work and you can’t figure out why. 

Sadly, too many entrepreneurs drown in despair and give up before they give themselves a real chance. 

It doesn’t need to happen to you. Join the program that will help you feel empowered, resilient and completely in charge of your business.

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"Melissa's presentation style really connected. The journey I was taken on through this course from revisiting and creating my vision to success,  through to manifestation was so empowering. There were many aha moments throughout the course and I've gained clarity on the qualities I need to work on to have the success  that I want for myself now and into the future, and so much more.... Thanks to Melissa, I feel awesomely connected with a totally engaged mindset for success."

Anne Naylor

Enjopreneur Leader, Cairns, Australia