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  • Melissa Kay Schulz

    Head Coach

    Melissa Kay Schulz

    Hi, I'm Melissa Kay My life wouldn't be amazing and fulfilling without helping others. Being of service is something that drives me and if I can make the world a brighter place for even one other person, then I'm doing a good job. I've experienced life so fully in so many ways during my 45+ years. Both wonderful, uplifting experiences as well as the deepest, darkest of times. I know my way around life and how to create one that you love. I've been self-employed for over a decade and it took me some time to get it right. Now I thrive on helping others to step into their personal power and find their success faster. In addition to being a certified coach and transformation practitioner, I'm a mother, a partner, a daughter, a lover, a fighter (of good things), a coffee drinker and a salsa dancer. I've been and done a thousand other things in my life but one thing remains constant - I am me and I live an authentic life that I love. I'm looking forward to working with you. Certified Life Coach - specialising in confidence, new business startup, authentic living, life and business direction. Adv. Birth Into Being Practitioner - transforming early childhood and adolescent trauma, releasing inhibiting beliefs and behaviours.