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If your business had a success map to follow and you had the mindset and the heartset to back it up, what would become possible? Are you ready to find out?
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Upgrade your business

and your life

You are ready to level-up to a bigger vision, greater impact, more clients, and abundance. Yes, you! Not someone else and not someday.  Your time is now, to believe in what you have to offer, get absolute clarity around what you want to achieve, and share it with the world. 

Your business and your life are ready for an upgrade and inside the Accelerator program, we journey together, step-by-step to make it happen.  

You'll learn the mindset, tools, and techniques that will give you the clarity, courage, and confidence, to create freedom and income doing what you love. You'll also learn how to stop holding yourself back so you can finally step up to a new level. It's time to fully commit and take a chance on you. I can't wait to see you shine. 

Out with the struggle, in with the flow

I know how it feels to be skilled and passionate about what you do, but experience too many days that feel unproductive and stressful, not getting the results you want. 

Sometimes you wonder why you’re doing it at all. You might not know what to do next or you don’t feel ready to take that next step. You end up procrastinating and making excuses instead of serving clients and making money.

The online world and well-meaning friends throw snippets of answers or advice your way and you try to implement new things, hoping the solution is there. But they don't know your business and you don't have the support or accountability you need to make real changes. 

It's frustrating and overwhelming, to say the least. You know you've more to offer but perhaps you lack clarity or confidence, or simply a detailed plan. Don’t worry, many entrepreneurs (both new and experienced) feel the same way on their entrepreneurial path. Thankfully, there is an answer (hint: it's inside of you already) and I will help you find it. 

the Accelerator Program

Jump in today for the next round and take charge of your future now.

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"No more playing it safe. No more wishing my dreams away. It's time for action. Melissa has given me the tools to step up and empower my business."

Deb Granger, Cairns, Australia

"My business is no longer an expensive hobby. I have focus, goals, strategy, structure, and am making money. Melissa gets it because she's been through it and she's not afraid to keep things honest and real." 

Elizabeth Platt, ESP Coaching, London

Who is the Accelerator for?

And who it's not for

This program is for you if:

  • you want to level-up in your mindset and the results in your business
  • you want to feel confident and inspired in what you are doing
  • you want to be organized and productive in your business
  • you want the clarity, courage, and discipline to take consistent action in the right direction
  • you are ready to stop self-sabotaging
  • you want to 1000% believe in yourself and your service/product
  • you are ready to stop wasting precious time and make real money
  • you are ready to show up and serve in a meaningful way

This program is not for you if:

  • you're looking for the next quick fix (we are learning lifetime mindset and skills in this program)
  • you are not willing to take action on your dreams (you will be held accountable in this program)
  • you are not open to personal growth (you only want business strategy without transformation of self)
  • you already have it all figured out (congratulations) 

"When I first started the accelerator program I didn't know how important goal setting was not just for personal growth but for business growth. I learnt through this course how to put myself out there and have confidence in myself and my abilities.

Every week was a new lesson of learning about self-discovery of how to grow within myself and business. I am now ready to start my business with no doubts and lots of goals to meet. I certainly wouldn't be in this position if it was for the accelerator program and Melissa's guidance and support."

Amanda Theodorou, Brisbane, Australia

Inside the Accelerator program

you'll experience life-changing group coaching and learning

Weekly content and Q+A sessions with Melissa. Recorded training, full support, and group connection in the secret Facebook group make sure you get the most out of the program. Plus you have lifetime access to the program.
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Inside the Accelerator program

Accelerator Modules

Step-by-step, each week builds on the previous one to build your strong foundation for success

  1. Design your dream business
  2. Roadmap your success
  3. Mindset magic
  4. Rewiring for success
  5. Un-limiting yourself
  6. Creating ease - systems and tools
  7. Become the leader 
  8. Confidence to get out there
  9. Money mindset
  10. Manifesting new clients

Winning in business is 80% mindset and a willingness to grow. Nothing is left to chance in the Accelerator program because what's holding you back is not your strategy, it's you. The steps above are based on Melissa's proven Reset & Rise coaching model to dig deep and make change where it matters. 

What's the investment?

FLASH SALE - Book now at only $997 AUD or just 3 monthly payments of $375. (Normally $2997)

Working with Melissa Kay

What prior students have to say

"I now have a clear and concise plan that is helping me achieve my dreams. If you are ready to step up in your business but don't know how, I highly recommend Melissa" - Michelle Mitchel, Brisbane

"Wow, just wow! MIE is not about another strategy or tool, it’s about the most important part of your business which is you. So much yes to this! It was a shift and a change, tug and pull and suddenly pop, it clicked." - Nicole Kenyon, Cairns

"Love your work Melissa, will recommend you at every opportunity" - Anne Naylor, Cairns

"I love Melissa's approach. Her videos, meditations, are all on point and just fantastic at setting and keeping you on the right path to reach your goals and dreams"
- Julie McClelland, Cairns

Still got questions?

Here's some FAQ

  • What happens if I can't make the live classes?

    Don't worry, you won't miss a thing because all trainings and Q&A sessions are recorded. If you have questions that need answering, send them in ahead of time to make sure they get covered.

  • I'd love to join but I don't have $997 available today.

    I understand that spare cash is not always laying around. Not yet anyway ;) That's why I've set up a payment plan option for you as I want this program to be super affordable for everyone.

  • How much time will I need each week to work on the program?

    Live classes for the beta round will be 45-60 minutes duration and live Q&A calls approx. 30 minutes duration. The skills you learn are applicable for a lifetime and you will be implementing them into your business as you go.

  • I'm not sure I have enough time to complete the program in 10 weeks..

    You have ongoing access to the program so you can take as long as you need to complete the work. All trainings are recorded and you have lifetime access to the beta round and any future versions of the program.

Jackie had tried many things. Perhaps you have too?

"I have in the past done 2 group business mentoring programs. Both times my business actually went backward. I had sworn off group programs for good! 

When Melissa’s program came up [Nurutring the Inner Entrepreneur], I was tempted, as I had worked one-on-one with Melissa before, so I knew she was great.  I had also participated in a couple of Melissa’s free challenges which were jam-packed with valuable information.  I thought “if I got that much good stuff for free, what will I get for the paid version?”  So with a voice in my head saying “you weren’t going to do this again," I signed up.  I was so glad I did.  

The course was excellent, jam-packed with great information, and I got more than one gold nugget of information or aha moment each week.  Best of all, I have had 2 of the best months in my business for some time.  

I know now that the most important aspect of my business is my mindset, as well as the various strategies for success, and I have control over these things.  With all Melissa’s tools, I know that I can keep my mindset where it needs to be, and when I stumble, I have tools and strategies in place to pick myself up and get back on track.  I also now have great routines in place to keep me focused on my goals, and strategies to achieve them.  Thank you so much, Melissa."

Jackie Lowater, 
Perth Naturopath, Perth

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