Six weeks to bring out the true Entrepreneur in You

and grow your Business for Success

  • Your Success is Important

    Discover the Entrepreneur in you and learn to play a bigger game. There's no more time to waste on things that don't work. You know you've got a business to build, your success awaits.

  • So much Support

    Melissa is your personal coach for 6 weeks! Together with the group you will have the support, guidance and accountability you need. Weekly live group coaching, Private Facebook support group, Lifetime access to program.

  • Now is the Time

    Six weeks of discovering your inner Entrepreneur are at your fingertips. You will develop a clear plan for your business and be given the personal tools you need to drive you to success.

What you'll learn inside Mastering the Inner Entrepreneur

Curriculum overview:

Week 1 Vision to Success

  • Define and refine your vision - without it you are going nowhere 
  • Put your reticular activating system to work for you and learn how to program your subconscious for success
  • Understand YOU and why you do the things you do in business
  • Set your well-defined goals and get planning, creating a map so the next step is always clear
  • Implement daily focus and structure for success

Week 2 Mindset Matters

  • How to continually grow and develop your Success Mindset
  • Get courageous and show up fully in your business, develop resourcefulness and self belief, and the big one - confidence 
  • Become the Entrepreneur you want to be
  • Use affirmations and visualisation to fast-track your business
  • Learn emotional mastery, managing your state for self-direction - this is a major key to your success
  • Understand the cycle of success and how it impacts you
  • Easy techniques for handling overwhelm and procrastination 

Week 3 Mind Your Business 101

  • Is your mindset as good as your business? 
  • Check your startup business basics for success
  • Define your marketing strategy to avoid overwhelm and distraction
  • Learn to be a leader in all your relationships

Week 4 Standing out in a Busy World

  • Learn stress-less self-promotion to ‘put yourself out there’ 
  • Adding your value to the market place
  • Your uniqueness is your selling point – know who you are and exactly what you want to share with the world
  • Become willing to do what others won’t by totally committing to your goals
  • Boldly and proactively build your brand
  • How to step into courage and confidence

Week 5 Money Mindset and Clients

  • How to improve your money mindset for success
  • Getting comfortable with a lot of money – raising your standards to attract clients and wealth
  • Walk your talk and align your business to your big objective
  • Get the value of your service / product right for longevity
  • The mindset of selling and getting clients to commit 
  • Learn the easiest way to handle objections and close the deal

Week 6 The Business of Manifestation

  • Life and business success habits that change everything
  • You are your business - the holistic approach
  • Learn the power of visualization to fast-track your results
  • Embrace the law of attraction and the business of manifestation
  • Success as a process not a destination 

Also in Your Program

This a comprehensive 6 week training including weekly group coaching, a private Facebook group to connect and find support and a bonus resources. Unlike other online courses where you are left to work alone, you will be guided and supported every step of the way. The groups are small so you are guaranteed to get the attention you deserve.

  • Weekly Group Coaching Live

    Weekly live video coaching calls on ZOOM. Ask your specific questions and connect with Melissa and the group.

  • Secret Support Group

    A private, confidential space to share information, ask questions and be fully supported throughout your journey.

  • Bonus Resources

    Audio resources to enhance your mindset for success. Visioning process audio / Money meditation audio / Daily gratitude and goals focus

Your Business Investment = AUD1,500

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It's time to feel excited about your business, to get into action and become your most successful self, the way you've dreamt about it. A fulfilling, successful business is yours - it's time to say YES to yourself, it's time to Master the Inner Entrepreneur!

Let's do it!

Course curriculum

Meet your Coach

Melissa Kay Schulz

  • Melissa Kay Schulz

    Head Coach

    Melissa Kay Schulz

    Hi I'm Melissa :) My life wouldn't be amazing and fulfilling without helping others. Being of service is something that drives me and if I can make the world a brighter place for even one other person, then I'm doing a good job. I've experienced life so fully in so many ways during my 40+ years. Both wonderful, uplifting experiences as well as the deepest, darkest of times. I know my way around life and how to create one that you love. I've been self-employed for over a decade and it took me some time to get it right. Now I thrive helping others to step into their personal power and find their success faster. In addition to being a certified coach and transformation practitioner, I'm a mother, a partner, a daughter, a lover, a fighter (of good things), a coffee drinker and salsa dancer. I've been and done a thousand other things in my life but one things remains constant - I am me and I live an authentic life that I love. I'm looking forward to working with you. Certified Life Coach - specialising in confidence, new business startup, authentic living, life and business direction.. Adv. Birth Into Being Practitioner - transforming early childhood and adolescent trauma, releasing inhibiting beliefs and behaviours.